Product Information

Sodium Chloride Solid State (CERENERGY®) batteries (also known historically as sodium nickel chloride batteries) will be the grid battery storage of the future. The CERENERGY® technology has been developed by Fraunhofer IKTS for the last eight years and has revolutionised previous technology, allowing higher energy capacity and lower production costs. The world‘s largest CERENERGY® type batteries in terms of capacity have already been successfully tested in stationary battery modules. The IKTS CERENERGY® batteries are in the final phase of product testing and ready to commercialise. IKTS have spent in the region of EUR 35 million on research & development and operate a EUR 25 million pilot plant in Hermsdorf, Germany.

Altech Batteries Limited (Altech/Company) (ASX: ATC) (FRA: A3Y) has launched and registered the product name Silumina AnodesTM for its alumina coated composite silicon/graphite lithium-ion battery anode material.

Based on Altech’s test work, its Silumina AnodesTM product is expected to provide for the manufacture of battery anodes, that when incorporated into a lithium-ion battery result in a battery that has higher energy retention capacity by volume and weight, compared to a battery using the incumbent graphite only battery anode. The key differentiation point of Silumina AnodesTM is that it will be a composite material of silicon and graphite particles that have been coated with alumina, using Altech’s proprietary alumina coating technology.


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