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CERENERGY® Batteries Project

Altech Batteries Ltd is a specialty battery technology company that has a joint venture agreement with world leading German battery institute Fraunhofer IKTS (“IKTS”) to commercialise the revolutionary CERENERGY® Sodium Chloride Solid State (SCSS) Battery.

CERENERGY® batteries are the game-changing alternative to lithium-ion batteries. CERENERGY® batteries are fire and explosion-proof; have a life span of more than 15 years and operate in extreme cold and desert climates. The battery technology uses table salt and is lithium-free; cobalt-free; graphite-free; and copper-free, eliminating exposure to critical metal price rises and supply chain concerns.

The joint venture is commercialising its CERENERGY® battery, with plans to construct a 120Mwh production facility on Altech’s land in Saxony, Germany. The facility intends to produce 120 1MWh CERENERGY® battery GridPacks per annum to provide grid storage solutions to the market.

Silumina AnodesTM Project

Altech has licensed its proprietary high purity alumina coating technology to 75% owned subsidiary Altech Industries Germany GmbH (AIG), which has finalised a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) for the development of a 8,000tpa silicon alumina coating plant in the state of Saxony, Germany to supply its Silumina AnodesTM product to the burgeoning European electric vehicle market. The DFS has extremely pleasing economics, including a Pre-tax NPV10 €684 million, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 34%, Payback (full rate) 2.4 years, EBITDA €105 million p.a. and low Capital cost €112 million.

This Company recently announced its game-changing technology of incorporating high-capacity silicon in lithium-ion batteries. Through in-house R&D, the Company has cracked the “silicon code” and successfully achieved a 30% higher energy battery with improved cyclability or battery life. Higher density batteries result in smaller, lighter batteries and substantially fewer greenhouse gases, and are the future of the EV market. The Company’s proprietary silicon graphite product is registered as Silumina AnodesTM.

The Company is in the race to get its patented technology to market and recently announced the results of the DFS for a 8,000tpa Silumina AnodeTM material plant at AIG’s 14-hectare industrial site within the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park in Saxony, Germany. The European silicon feedstock supply partner for this plant will be Ferroglobe. The project has also received green accreditation from the independent Norwegian Centre of International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO). To support the development, AIG is nearing finalisation for construction of a pilot plant adjacent to the proposed project site to allow the qualification process for its Silumina AnodesTM product. AIG has executed NDAs with US and German automakers, as well as a European-based battery and battery material supply chain companies.


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